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     Hello, I'm Pamela Adey of Kelton Cavaliers.  Dogs are my whole life.    My time is devoted to the dogs, dog boarding/sitting, dog shows and puppy raising. 

    I have always loved animals and I'm committed to their welfare.  Growing up with all kinds of animals, I was captivated by breeding and raising up new life.   As a child I raised rats, mice, and hamsters.  When I got older, I bred and raised ferrets. 

     In my early college days, I was at one time a past member of PETA - but not anymore since their agenda has changed.  I have worked to  stop laboratory testing on animals and to ban Pound Seizure in the state of California.  I also worked with the California Domestic Ferret Association in the effort to legalize ferrets in California.  I love and respect animals so much, that I don't eat meat and I've been a vegetarian for most of my life. 

    When I became pregnant with my son, I quit my job to stay home so I could raise him up too.    I guess it's no surprise that I'm a dog breeder now.   Raising puppies is one of my jobs that allows me to stay home and it's something I love to do.  I can not describe the wonder of watching eyes open to see the world for the very first time; then there are the first steps, the first wag, the first bark.  Everything is so special; each milestone so very precious.  I do my best to capture that in the pictures.  

      When I decided to become a dog breeder I wanted to be the most responsible breeder I could be.  There are already too many irresponsible breeders producing unwanted animals that ultimately end up being put to sleep.  I refused to add myself or any puppies that I produced to the problem.  I first joined a breed club and learned everything I could about breeding pure breed dogs in general and cavaliers in particular.  I am a proud member in good standing with the AKC licensed specialty regional breed club CKCSCSC (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Southern California), and AKC licensed OEDC  (Orange Empire Dog Club) I'm also actively involved in cavalier pure breed rescue and I am an approved foster home for Cavalier Rescue USA https://www.cavalierrescueusa.org/

    I breed for health, temperament, and type; and in that order. Health is the number one priority for me. What good is it to have a cavalier with an early onset heart murmur and unable to live out a full life? Temperament is second only to health. It's that wonderful disposition that sets cavaliers apart from other breeds. If cavaliers lose their temperament, then they will become just another pretty face with a bad attitude. Type means conformation. Good solid champion line breeding produces a beautiful cavalier; a cavalier that looks the way a cavalier should and that doesn't happen by accident.  

    No kennels here!!!  The only animals I own are cavaliers. Grandma, her daughters and the puppies, round out the pack.  All whom I love dearly.  They are indoor cherished members of my family!  I produce between one to three litters a year. 

   Please do your homework first and take time to educate yourself on cavalier health, history, temperament, and breed standards, before you decide if a cavalier is the right breed for you. Check out my links to learn more. This sweet and sensitive breed is NOT for every lifestyle. If you have a busy life and are working long hours; I urge you to please, pick another breed and do NOT get a cavalier.  Their only wish is to be constantly by your side.... or in your lap.


                                 How I first learned about cavaliers.                                                                                     

 Several years ago when it came time to get our first family dog; we wanted to rescue one, so off to the animal shelter we went in search of one to fit our lifestyle.    At that time small dogs were scarce and hard to come by.  Not finding what we were looking for in terms of size, temperament, and grooming requirements, I decided we would go ahead with a pure breed dog.  Off to the library we went to check out dog breed books.   We knew we wanted a small breed, but not too small or fragile.  We concentrated on the toy group. Out of all the toy breeds, the cavalier met with our lifestyle needs and seemed to be a good all around dog.  Cavaliers are the largest of the toy breeds and far from a purse dog!  They have that wonderful, big dog's, personality and temperament in a smaller, "Lap size" package and that was the perfect fit for us.  Previous owners of Labs and Goldens looking to downsize, will often choose a Cavalier King Charles.  After deciding a cavalier was for us, we tried going the rescue route and filled out applications to adopt a rescued cavalier.  We were on a couple of waiting lists for almost a year, before we decided to go with a breeder and I realized how hard it is to find breeders.  There is a demand for breeders and not enough of them out there, leaving buyers with few options and that's when I set about obtaining my first foundational breeding female and starting my breeding program.   Not only did our cavalier meet all our expectations, she exceeded them!