A few honest e-mails I have received from past puppy buyers...


Our puppy is WONDERFUL!!! We named her Roxie. She has slept through the night every night, never had an accident in the house (or anywhere we have been), walks on a leash, plays fetch, mastered our stairs all by herself, she is perfectly amazing!!! She has totally bonded and is one of the family. She seems very happy & healthy.

I took her to the vet Thursday & got her shots, they do recommend one additional round at 18 weeks. She received a glowing bill of health and I was amazed the vet spent 45 minutes with us going over all kinds of things.

I promise to send pictures --I just need to upload them from our big camera.

Thank you again!


Chico, Northern CA



Dear Pam,

Little Henry did very well yesterday, and did not seem at all phased by being in a completely new environment with two dogs and a cat. He seems very much at home. He whimpered for a bit when I put him to bed in his crate, but quickly got over it. I took him out at around 3 a.m. but he wanted to play, not pee. He is pretty good about the potty considering his age. He knows to go pee outside when I take him about 50% of the time. The other dogs are both curious and a bit standoffish at the moment, but I know everything will get sorted out in a few days. Our cat has been remarkably cool and rather gracious about having a new puppy in HIS territory. This is, after all, his third King Charles puppy, and his fifth dog!

Thanks for the info. Will keep you posted on Henry's progress.

Are all of Diamond's puppies gone ?



Follow up-

Dear Pam,

I do not want to appear obsessive, but I just want to commend you on the excellent work you have done with Radiant/ Henry. In just 5 days, he has adjusted beautifully to new surroundings, people, and pets, he has been so good about potty behavior, he does not complain when we put him in a crate for the night, he takes walks on a harness and a leash twice a day, with no major issues. What a delightful and delicious puppy!

Thanks for all your good work!


Los Angeles, CA



well we did not have a quiet night. At about 2 am Beau decided he needed to go out and potty. he scratched and hit his kennel door until I took him out. He did pee. put him back into the crate and he started making noise again and hitting the door. I took him out again and he pooped. At least he asked to go out. Then about an hour and a half later he started in again hitting the door. So Terry took him out to the living room and got on the couch with him and they booth went back to sleep. he has been asking to go outside and potty today. So everything is doing well today. I signed him up for the health insurance. Downloaded the coupon from Royal Canin food.I will register him with the AKC and microchip people after his visit with the vet tomorrow. He is getting along with our Rosie as well. He is so sweet and affectionate. I would sure appreciate it if you would email to us the puppy pictures you have of Beau (Baguette ). oh he does love to chase the ball or anything we throw and he brings it back. he will get the needed exercise every day. Right now he is asleep on the couch.

Thanks again,


Pomona, CA


Hi Pam,

Cushion did get an upset stomach about halfway through our drive home. She was in the carrier, so we quickly pulled off the road and found a park to clean up and let her stretch her legs. We chilled in the shade under a tree, let her rehydrate and take a nap in the grass.

She had a great rest of the day. She ate dinner around 6pm of puppy kibble, chicken broth, canned salmon and shredded steamed carrots. Eric won the lottery, so the puppy got to sleep with him in his bed. Eric said she hardly stirred all night except once when he took her out in the yard where she relieved herself, both one and two. Her stool was well-formed and substantial. Given her appetite this morning when the family fed her, I suspect her digestive system is in great shape.

She is fearless. She and Toby are hitting it off very well, though we get the impression Toby is spooked by her boldness at times. She rushes up to him to play and he doesn't quite know what to make of it. Toby hasn't ever been in the company of another dog so small, but he's doing a great job.

Attached are some pictures of Cushion in the yard. We have buffalo grass and it is very soft. She loves pounce around in it.

Thank you,


Simi Valley, CA


Hi Pam,

I purchased Crumpet aka Tahitian Black Pearls from you two years ago in August 2013 when she was 10 weeks old. She is now a therapy dog and has over 40 visits to schools, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities to her credit. She is very smart and has learned several tricks including jumping through hoops, playing dead, rolling over, shaking hands and giving high fives, doing spins, weaving through legs, nodding, bowing, etc. Just thought you’d like to know that we are really enjoying her.


Santa Barbara, CA



Snow Leopard is the best puppy ever! Sweet temperament, calm, and loving.

It was an easy drive home. She calmly sat next to me on the seat, and then curled up for a nap in the laundry basket next to me. No stress or panic at being removed from her family.

At our home, she wanted to keep my husband or me within her site. She still didn't whine or worry.

It was even an easy night. I decided to put her crate next to my bed, so the transition to sleeping by herself was easier. She didn't make a sound. When I got out of bed, I heard Thump, Thump, Thump - her tail wagging- and she was ready to go.

Puppy (new name to follow shortly) has been picking up and chewing on the dog toys that I spread around the rooms, and completely ignored the shoes and furniture. Good dog!

Snow Leopard is a delight. I will keep you posted.

LaurieCarlsbad, CA



Here is a recent picture of Bailey. She is doing great and was enjoying Eagle Lake in N. Cal. She goes in the RV and loves to camp with us.

All of our friends love her, too. She is quite a popular gal at the campouts with our club members.

Melissa J.

San Clemente, CA


Hello Pam,

How are you? I just wanted to write you a quick update about Apollo (aka Acapulco) from the Mexican Riviera litter.

He is really flourishing and growing like crazy! Sometimes I wish that he would stay a little puppy forever :) He loves cuddling with us and playing with his new brother and sister (a black lab named Stella and a yellow lab named Heath). He is fearless around them and acts like one of the "big dogs".

Attached are a few recent photos. Thanks again for everything, Pam!

Samatha M.

Solana Beach, CA




Thought you might like to see her they are great together. Olive is a cuddle bug and a mischief maker 😄


San Diego, CA


Hi Pam!

I promised I'd keep you updated as to how Lily is doing so we're looking at her 6 month birthday on the 27th and thought you might enjoy some photos as well as some accomplishments & observations.

First of all she is a little sweetheart with just a little bit of devil dog in her. We have a big grassy back yard and she loves time spent outside in the cool of the morning or evening. She's a birdwatcher and has already caught and killed 3 baby birds which are nearly impossible to get away from her but I usually can find something tempting to offer her so she'll drop them. I think because it's Spring she is able to catch babies because they aren't good at flying. I'd be surprised if she could catch an adult. We'll see.

She has used the doggie door from the very first day, never has had an "accident" inside and marches right into her crate when asked! I'm still working with walking her on a leash and am hiring a trainer to help us get better. She tugs and I want her to walk without tugging because it will be easier on her physically.

My grandkids love her and she is so good and gentle with them. We're working on the "off" command. She has learned to back away from the gate and door when we're coming in or going out and this is a huge issue with me so she won't dart out.

I think a puppy is a huge commitment and challenge and for the most part Lily has been much easier than I expected.

I am going to go on line to reserve a time around Oct. 3, for you to doggie sit for a week so hopefully you'll see her then.


Orange County


Hi Pam,

Hope all is well with you! We just wanted to give you an update on Oliver (Klondike.) he is doing GREAT!! He has become great friends with our cat, Checkers, and he is thriving at his puppy class. He is such a sweet, sweet boy and oh so smart! He is completely potty-trained and he even rings a bell to let us know when he needs to go out. Thank you for everything!

Corinne and Steve

Oceanside, CA


Hi Pam!

I hope you’re doing well and staying healthy. I wanted to give you a little update about how snapdragon is doing. I just can’t believe he’s turning 10 in just about a month! He still has no heart issues, which every veterinarian I talk to is stunned by. I think that really is a testament to your conscientious breeding and I know I really appreciate that! Snaps and I moved up to Oregon a few months ago so I could start veterinary school at Oregon State University, he made a pretty smooth transition, which I was happy about considering his age. He still loves walks and playing fetch. Overall, he has been the perfect dog for me and I know my family feels the same way. I’ve included a couple pictures, one from right after moving to Oregon in August and one from the end of September when I had my white coat ceremony. Hope you and your family are doing well! Have a good one!



Corvallis, OR


Dear Pam,

We just wanted to THANK YOU so much for giving us this beautiful puppy.

Manchester has brought us a lot of happiness and joy to our life. Manchester been so good

healthy and spoiled! Here are some pictures of Manchester. Feel free to use them however you like.

Once again thank you so much Pam.