Adults and Rescues


None at this time.  

Send an email asking to be put on my adult/rescue list.


                                                                                          My adults and rescues come with the following:

Spay / neuter



Vet check


Teeth cleaned

Dog boarding services available

Lifetime (no questions asked) return policy


About Rescues:

     Pure breed cavaliers rarely fall into rescue situations; however the need will always exist for those who were irresponsibly bred and subsequently have "No Return" policies.  Cavalier Breed Clubs, and all responsible breeders, are involved in pure breed rescue.  Regional Clubs offer support by raising funds and fostering local rescues.  It's a red flag if a breeder is doing nothing to help support rescues of the breed.  

    If you want a rescued cavalier, you will need to be patient.  The wait can be several months, up to a year, for a young and healthy adult.  You must leave all your "Cavalier" expectations at the door; keeping in mind that rescued cavaliers are not "Perfect".  They are "Rescue Dogs" first, and foremost.  That means they usually have had no training or socialization whatsoever, are not house broken, are older,  often have medical conditions that are common to cavaliers, behavior problems,  issues, and baggage to deal with.   Sometimes they are withdrawn due to past abuse or neglect.  They might not be that sweet, happy, friendly breed you are used to seeing. Cavaliers who are not socialized properly, will have a tendency to be extremely shy and easily frightened.  Some are "Special Needs" and therefore need, "Special homes."  Rescue dogs are frequently returned because they are high maintenance.    

     Cavalier Breed Rescues only accept pure breed cavaliers.  While we would all like to rescue cavalier mixes too, we can't.  When cavaliers are mixed with other breeds, the temperament becomes unreliable and unstable; in addition, people contacting pure breed rescue groups, are not looking for a mixed breed dog.   Fortunately, cavalier mixes are desirable.  They are either quickly adopted or pulled from shelters by "Mixed breed" rescue groups who daily scan the shelters looking for adoptable dogs to pull.  Please check my cavalier rescue "Links" if you are interested in fostering or permanently adopting a rescued cavalier, making a donation, or have a cavalier that needs placement.   

 I personally do cavalier rescue and fostering, one at a time, on a case by case basis and I am an approved foster home for Cavalier Rescue USA.  Feel free to contact me if you have a cavalier in need of placment.

    If you are interested in a cavalier mix breed, check out

    Thank you for taking an interest in rescuing a dog.